Who Are We?

Shahbaaz Khan Digital Marketing is a Madhya Pradesh technology Agency that develops web, mobile, and computer software for its IT partner. Shahbaaz Khan Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing software providers Agency.

Shahbaaz Khan Digital Marketing was founded by Shahbaaz Khan in 2020 to develop and sell software for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Our main goal was to provide software to entrepreneurs at a low cost.

  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development.
  • UI/UX design.
  • IT consultancy.


Our development lifecycle.

Requirements Gathering & Analysis

In the First step, We gather and identify the current problem, after we analyze requirements and customer expectations.


Software Design

In this design phase of work, the team makes software design decisions regarding the architecture and make of the software solution.


Software Development

In this stage of work, teams build software solutions based on the design decisions made.


Test and Integration

In this stage of work, We test different parts of the application to work seamlessly together and the performance.